Woven Woods And Grass Weaves

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Weave a little romance into your windows.

Grass Weave Shades

15 new grass weave collections in the most popular styles and designs

Available with light filtering and room darkening liners, edge banding, top down/bottom up, and Clutch Control Continuous Cord Loop

Specialty Shapes available to cover most any window application

Available motorized for ease of use and operation

Sample swatches can be easily candled for better light filtering demonstration

WilliamHouse Woven Woods

WilliamHouse Woven Woods Shades are fashioned from natural reeds and woods to help create informal surroundings for family rooms, sun porches, kitchens and bathrooms. Every shade has its own distinctive texture, grain, color, and pattern that can change the mood of the room from exotic to casual or rustic.

These smart, affordable shades work by a simple pulley and cord lokc system which also allows the shade to be fixed at any level desired.

WilliamHouse Woven Woods will provide years of trouble free operation when properly maintained. In addition, shades are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

Wm. House Woven Woods and Grass Weave Shades Product Reference and Pricing Guide


Woven Woods Collection

Woven Woods Collection Product Reference and Pricing Guide


The Lyon Collection Natural Shades

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Cambrai Shades

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